Lore Update

Nearo a posted Wed at 23:10

I have updated the Library posts for Kul Tiras History, Fifth Fleet of Kul Tiras, Kul Tiras Overseas Outposts, and Notable Figures in Kul Tiras History posts in the Library with pictures and maps to better familiarize those of you who arent huge lore nerds like me on the locations and environments discussed in those posts.

I recommend that anyone wanting to create a backstory for their character to read these:

Kul Tiras History gives you an overview of the history of Kul Tiras from it's founding to present day.

Fifth Fleet of Kul Tiras gives you recount of the guild's RP history.

Kul Tiras Overseas Outposts details the various locations which are of lore significance for Kul Tiras.

Notable Figures in Kul Tiras History provides biographies of the most important figures in Kul Tiras lore.

In addition, if you're thinking of making an Undead Marine, I also recommend reading the following:

Third Fleet of Kul Tiras

Kul Tiras Overseas Outposts

Website Updates

Nearo a posted Fri at 12:17

Additional clean-up on the About section to keep it in line with the updates to our Realm Forum recruitment post -

Changed the layout on the Recruitment page to make the application easier to locate. It is now located directly to the right of joining instructions.

A new Field Manual for use in bootcamp and for review by sailors and marines has been approved for publishing and distribution. 

This book discussed the different animalistic Horde species, their strengths, weaknesses, and traits. Know your enemy!

Field Manual: Zoology
by Franz Von Fizzlevolt, Chief Engineer, 5th MRB

A new Field Manual for use in bootcamp and for review by sailors and marines has been approved for publishing and distribution. 

Field Manual: Naval Technology
by Franz Von Fizzlevolt, Chief Engineer, 5th MRB

Website Updates

Nearo a posted Apr 2, 18

Several sections on the website have been updated in anticipation of our upcoming recruitment drive in preparation for the introduction of Kul Tiras in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. I am also putting alot of the website information on the forums so that almost everything is accessible through the Enjin App which is a great tool for using our forums on your phone. Alot of people just browse on their phone nowadays so better to have the information in a mobile format. A summary of the updates is as follows:

  • About section
    Condensed as it was a bit too wordy (I cant help it dammit!). Cleaned up the Ranks & Structure and outline how it fits into the overall military structure of Kul Tiras. I also removed some of the images that didn't fit in too well with the section to clean it up a little bit. The information in the About section has been duplicated on the thread "About Kul Tiras Marines" in the new Boralus Embassy forum which has replaced the General Discussions forum.

  • Lore section
    Totally revamped this section by putting all the information into forum posts in the Library and just having this be a sort of appendix of where to find Lore about different topics. I also split it into Canon and Non-Canon lore to clarify which portions are specific to our guild and our RP.

  • Forum section
    General Discussion changed to Boralus Embassy as this is more for guests and non-member to come in and introduce themselves.

    The Recruit Depot now has the Bootcamp Course Outline which will serve as a quick referene for recdruits and drill instructors. This outline also has information on how bootcamp credits will be tracked.

    The Library has alot more content added on a variety of topics, including the Noble Houses of Kul Tiras, important historical figures, and most recently a sub-forum for Field Manuals. The Field Manuals will serve as a more detailed guide for Bootcamps so that Drill Instructors have a baseline to work from. The Field Manuals are still a work in progress and will be updated over the next few days in preparation for our recruitment drive.

    Mess Hall renamed Mess Deck to better reflect our maritime roots.

    War Room was added for posting gameplay mechanic information that could be useful in PvE and/or PvP.

    Main Deck is now our members-only General Discussions

  • Recruitment section
    This section was cleaned up and condensed, and I added links to the Bootcamp Course Outline as well as did a few changes on the application.

  • Gallery
    The Gallery section has been left unchanged.

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