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a few hours after the battle...

This was one of the few places in Un'goro where the Devilsaurs weren't too keen on rampaging through, and it wasn't difficult to see why. Huge skeletal remains of the lizards either too brave or too stupid to keep their distance from the deadly grip of the boiling hot tar pits.

The Marines stood watch as daylight gave way to the glow of Alliance campfires lit along the bubbling tar pits.

"Hell of a sight, sir." remarked one old Paladin to another, rather coldly.

"That it is, Saltzfyre. " replied Nearo, as the two lifted the bloodied Orc and Tauren carcasses to place them along the edge of the tar pit - bait for the Devilsaurs incase they came too close. The meat on the tauren was no good now, being beaten into a pulp and beyond being salvageable.

Officer Leylianna tended to the wounded back at base camp, watching the two from a distance while the two paladins dragged the bloodied carcasses.

The glow gave glimpses of the battles that took place earlier in the day. Gore strewn around the ground, a few large horns here and there, broken weapons and battered shields. The battle had been a brutal affair, but one that had ultimately denied the Horde of substantial Azerite deposits to do whatever unspeakable barbarism they intended to unleash with it's power.

As each body was dragged to the edge of the tar pit, Nearo hoisted his warhammer overhead and brought it crashing down on the face of each of their enemies, crushing the skull completely. Sylvannas' forces were in the area and there was no need to risk any of these fallen Orcs or Tauren being forced into serving the Banshee Queen into slavery as her Undead minions. The old paladin held a deep hatred for most of the Horde races, but not so much as to see them be cursed with such damnation - not to mention that there's no need to put any more Alliance soldiers at risk fighting foes they've already slain once.

"That's the last of them. Back to base camp, we will help with the wounded."

"Yes, sir." responded Saltzfyre as the two went back to the tent where Leylianna was busy at work.

The Stonewatch Accords

Nearo a posted Jun 7, 18

"Sir, if we're not officially part of the Alliance, why are we helping them?" asked the young recruit, trying to be as respectful to the much older Captain walking beside her. 

The two were getting back on their gryphons who had been patiently waiting atop the crumbled tower ruins of Stonewatch Keep - the hill-top fortress destroyed by the Horde during the First War before they had turned their demonic gaze against Stormwind. Just minutes before, the command room of the keep was full of representatives from different factions from within the Alliance. The Coalition of Azeroth, The Ashen Vale, The Alliance Empire, The Mercenary Outfit and Clan Battlehammer among others had sent representatives to discuss the beginning of a new offensive in Kalimdor to prevent the Horde from claiming deposits of the new mysterious and powerful mineral that have begun to burst through the earth - Azerite.

"Our ultimate mission is the extermination of the Orcs and the dismantling of the Horde, recruit. The Alliance, for all it's fault, is a means to an end." replied the Captain, speaking calmly but firmly to the young Paladin who had accompanied him to the council meeting.

"There are multitudes of mud-hut dwelling, spear-chucking, flea-picking savages in those deserts, recruit", he continued, his voice beginning to tense and anger as he continued... "and we cannot hope to take them all on without some support from the Alliance." he continued, ending the statement with regret and admission that Kul Tiras had been greatly weakened by the death of so many of it's finest sailors and marines when Jaina betrayed her father - the legendary Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore - letting them inside the Theramore and standing aside as those animals cut him down as he was waged a campaign to finally end the Orc threat.

"Those you saw inside that keep are some of the Alliance's most capable fighters." he concluded.

"Even the long-ears, sir?" asked recruit Serenyssa, with a bit of surprise.

"Yes, even those Night Elves.... the ones you saw inside are some of the rare good ones I've told you about." he responded coldly. "As hard as it may be to fully digest... you can trust the ones you saw in the keep. And if you have trouble with that - then I order you to trust them. Is that understood?"

"Sir, Yes Sir!" 

"To Stormwind then... watch out for Blackrock Archers, some of them still stalk the hills here." responded the Captain as their gryphons began to flap their wings, lifting their massive bodies off the ground.


For the Greater Good

Nearo a posted Jun 7, 18

5 days later...

The two Quel'dorei agents smiled at their hosts and graciously made their way out of the meeting room at the Gallywix Pleasure Palace complex. The meeting with Liveticus, Gorter and Gambozak had gone exceptionally well. Though criminals such as these were unlikely to hold any moral reservations on seeking out the information being requested - it was better for everyone involved that the true nature of the mission stay a secret. It didn't seem that they suspected anything out of the ordinary, and it was best to keep it that way.

The storm in the area had just begun, and was quickly intensifying with a fervor that filled the air with the deafening sound of relentless rainfall and thunder you could feel in your belly. Kalimdor was a land of extremes, and this little corner of Azshara was no different. The rainfall was loud enough that Sivianna felt comfortable enough to turn to her sister and speak of the mission as they walked further and further away from their hosts. Their hosts would be unable to overhear anything.

"That went rather well, don't you think?" she said coldly.

"A little too well! Did you overhear my "conversation" with that disgusting little goblin?" responded Visianna, wrinkling her nose in disgust as she recalled the goblin Gorter - who had tried to negotiate ownership of the high elf into the deal.

"Friendly enough for a goblin... I thought he was quite nice in a disgusting little goblin sort of way." remarked Sivianna, following up her statement with a smirk. "You did good. He definitely took a liking to you, though. We need to use that to our advantage."

"Don't even think about it." snapped Visianna, shaking her head.

"No, no.. that's not what I meant! Goblins in his position always have a vast network of contacts... he could prove useful."

The rain intensified as they approached the clearing where the Goblin rocket-propelled transport was waiting for them for the return trip to Orgrimmar.

"Even the Royal Apothecary Society must use outside suppliers to procure some of the exotic reagents. Those suppliers will have contacts throughout the goblin trade cartels." remarked Sivianna, raising her voice just slightly as the sound of the rain started to become even more deafening. "No one's going to provide whatever disgusting or hazardous components they use in the manufacturing process for free!"

"And Gorter may know who's in charge of the trade routes to and from The Undercity." responded Visianna, her sister simply acknowledging with a nod as they approached the Goblin transport. The goblin pilot could now be seen as they approached, so they decided to postpone the rest of the conversation until later.

"Yo! We needa 'ta get outta here! yelled the goblin, frantically trying to get the rocket started. If the two elves had showed up a minute or two later, the goblin would probably had already left them behind. "The lightning's about to start up! Get in there!" yelled the goblin pilot, pointing at the back seat.

The two Quel'dorei promptly hopped into the back seat without another word, holding on tight as the rocket boosters fired up for the return trip to Orgrimmar.


that same day in Northrend...

He looked down at the graveyard which had once been a battlefield. This was the first known site where the so-called "New Plague" had been used by the Royal Apothecary Society to devastating effect. Fire from the red dragons had cleansed the land of the Banshee Queen's poison. Scorched remnants of metal and bone poking through the thin snow cover of early Summer served as a somber monument to the foolish naivete of the Alliance and the typical treachery of the Horde.

"Death to the Scourge! And Death to the Living!" 

Those were the last words heard by so many that day, just moments before their flesh was melted away like an icicle disappearing into a boiling hot spring. 

Listening to the soft, gentle whisper of the wind passing through his hollow rib cage, he tried to enjoy the eerie peacefulness of this area while he looked around the abandoned camp for anything that might be useful. It had been years since this camp had been abandoned, but Looters and grave-robbers clearly had better sense than to come here of all places.

Next to the scorched debris of what might have once been a cart or a catapult, he noticed a couple of skeletons. Most of the flesh had been burnt off, but brittle scraps of leather covered their entire face, and two glass discs - still intact, had survived the heat from the fire and were still pressed against the hollowed out eye sockets on the two skeletons. 

"Blight masks", he thought to himself. Scanning the ground, he noticed several iron rings... he recognized them as barrel hoops, similar to the kind used for storing fresh water onboard a ship. Upon close inspection, a small maker's mark was just barely readable. 

"VL" was stamped into the outside of the ring.

The barrel had been made at Vengence Landing, which meant it had also been filled there. The Plague used here had been made nearby... not brought in all the way from Undercity.

Walking over to his mount, he paused to take in one more look at the battlefield behind him. 

"So that's what it'll look like."

For the Greater Good

Nearo a posted May 9, 18
((Note: This is the introduction to an ongoing RP campaign we will be pushing through the start of the BFA expansion, and will involve several Horde and Alliance guilds whom we are already in contact with. I encourage those of you who haven't made a character for Bravo Company to make one - max level is not required to participate since Bravo Company's involvement for now is that of espionage and misdirection.))
Scouring the carbon build-up on the inside of the rifle barrel was always so relaxing after a long day of picking off the Forsaken in Stormheim. The smell of gunpowder filled the gnome's nostrils as he scrubbed ever so diligently, inspecting the lands and grooves of the barrel exactly every 17 seconds to acquire a mirror finish needed for precision headshots. Just as he was beginning to work through the dull carbon fouling, two tall figures walked into the gnome's workshop. They wore hoods and walked with a quiet, dignified demeanor that made it clear that these were not human Marines.
"Agents?", inquired the gnome.
"Sir.", replied two female voices in unison.
"Ah, fantastic! Come in, take a seat! I have data to disseminate!" the gnome replied excitedly as he set the rifle down on his work bench and began wiping his goggle lenses with a filthy rag.
The two hooded figures balanced themselves on the tiny benches across the table from the workbench, patiently awaiting further instructions.
The gnome reached into his overalls and took out a grime-stained letter. It's green wax seal had been broken, but the anchor-shaped sigil was still clearly visible.
"New Orders from High Command. They have reviewed my calculations and concurred with my proposed solution for the problem in Durotar!" he expounded with glee, his large white teeth contrasting the soot that caked his face.
"You are to initiate operations on this at once. I have requisitioned discrete transport for you to Eastern Kalimdor. Upon arrival, you are to meet with these three contacts." As he spoke, he pulled out three photos. One was a tall, long-haired blood elf, the other two were a goblin and a darkspear troll.
"Their names are Liveticus, Gorter and Gambozak. There's a bunch of others, but you know how Troll and Goblin names are. All relevant and pertinent data points are indicated in your Orders. These contractors are expensive, but my evaluation of their capability indicates that they are highly effective. Instruct them to begin gathering information on behalf of the Argent Crusade or similar organization of exalted moralistic repute in order to more effectively conceal the objective of the mission. Figure out the details, you've got two days to come up with a plan before you set sail for Kalimdor." As he finished, he gave his goggles one last wipe-down with the dirty rag before just tossing it to the floor in frustration and pulling the goggles up to his forehead.
"Sir, this will take some time to gather. The Forsaken are quite paranoid about anything relating to their inner workings - and the Royal Apothecary Society takes that paranoia to a whole different level. The information these contacts provide may not be reliable, sir." explained the hooded figure to the right, speaking calmly as she held the open letter in her hand, passing it over to the other hooded figure.
"That is a probability that has already been accounted for!" answered the gnome, somewhat annoyed at the thought that he wouldn't have considered the plausibility of this being the case. "But we have to explore every variable to come to the most effective solution."
The hooded figure nodded in agreement. "And what do we do after they have provided the information we're looking for, sir? Or if they should come up empty-handed?" she inquired, ending her question with just the slightest hint of hesitation.
"My calculations have indicated that optimal results will only be obtainable if your true identities are kept secret. Maintaining a positive business relationship with this contractor must be a priority! We can't squander a capable resource!" nodded the gnome to himself before continuing. "But if there are any anomalies which we had previously unaccounted for, and the variables are such that we cannot come to a favorable solution... we will take care of it. The Captain is making preparations for such an eventuality. No loose ends, agent."
"Very well. With your permission then, we will begin our work, sir."
The gnome reached for the goggles on his forehead, pulled them forward and popped them back over his eyes.
"Indoubtedly" replied the gnome.
"Dismissed!" he exclaimed, saluting the two hooded figures who promptly saluted back and began exiting the workshop.
As the gnome picked up the cleaning rod and propped the gun barrel up toward his face again, he thought about how everything always works so much better after all traces of filth have been wiped away and scoured completely from the surface.

Boot Camp Changes & Schedule

Nearo a posted May 7, 18

Boot Camp curriculum has been condensed to place a stronger emphasis on combat and to reduce the number of bootcamp exercises. There are now 6 boot camp courses instead of 10.

They are as follows:

Fundamentals: Kul Tiras Marine Ethos & History
Fundamentals: Shipboard Combat, Operations & Technology
War Sciences: Beastiary & Zoology of Horde Species
War Sciences: Intelligence Gathering
Qualification Trial: Ground Combat Operations
Qualification Trial: Surveille, Penetrate, Evade, Assault, Rendezvous (SPEAR)

The Boot Camp Schedule is as follows: 3 bootcamps a week, with two mid-week and one on the weekends, days will alternate on a weekly basis.

One week we will do MW, the next week we will do TTh. This is to adjust for differnt schedules with different people. We'll also have a Saturday or Sunday bootcamp. If a MTWTh bootcamp is cancelled because I won't be around to host ot, I'll move that bootcamp day to Friday.

The schedule will be updated weekly and also announced in the Alpha Company Guild Message of the Day.

For this week, Boot Camps are as follows:

Monday (Today), 9PM Server Time (10PM EST)
Wednsday, 9PM Server Time (10PM EST)

See you all there!