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Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual

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As you observe the book before you, it appears to be well-made with sturdy brass reinforcements throughout and the golden anchor of Kul Tiras emblazoned on the spine. A thick green leather has been used in the binding. Upon close inspection, it appears to be Orc skin - complete with battle scars typical of veteran Orc warriors. Next to the gold anchor along the spine, the title is branded into the leather: Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual.


I. Introduction

The Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual is issued to every recruit upon enlistment into military service, and is to be carried with all Marines to their area of operation - be it on land or aboard a vessel. It serves as a quick reference guide for a variety of important subjects relevant to carrying out the duties of a Kul Tiras Marine.

If this is your first copy of the Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual, then that means that you have just undertaken the first step into a life of challenges and danger - but also a life with weight and meaning. If it is riches and fame you seek - then you're in the wrong place. Being a Kul Tiras Marine is not a job - it 's a calling. Those who answer the call can look upon the seas and the beauty of our nation as the legacy you are protecting - and the legacy you will leave behind.

Kul Tiras was built upon the power of our Navy, the tenacity of our People, and our devotion to the Sea. Protect that which makes us strong, and embrace that which makes us Kul Tiras Marines.

Welcome aboard!
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II. Dedication


This manual is dedicated to the memory of

Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore: Hero of the Second War, loving father, devoted husband.

His bravery and tenacity in facing the threats to our world shall forever live on in our hearts.

May his name forever echo with the sound of the ocean breeze and the crashing of the waves.
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III. Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Dedication

III. Table of Contents

IV. The Marine Code of Honor
* Protect the Homeland
* Serve With Honor
* No Marine is Left Behind
* Always Be Prepared
* Love the Sea
* Always Follow Orders

V. Naval Technology
* Fundamentals of Naval Engineering
* Fundamentals of Shipbuilding
* Surface Ships
* Submarines
* Aerial Units
* Enemy Vessels

VI. Shipboard Operations
* Fundamentals of Shipboard Operations
* Navigation
* Weapons
* Logistics
* Maintenance
* Communication
* Emergencies
* Scuttling

VII. Reconnaissance Reports
* Template
* Terrain
* Enemy
* Observations & Recommendations

VIII. SPEAR Missions
* Objectives, Briefing & Debriefing
* Surveille
* Penetrate
* Evasion
* Assault
* Rendezvous

IX. Wilderness Survival
* Mindset
* Survival Priorities: Shelter, Water, Fire, Food
* Naturalist Skills & Knowledge

X. Ground Assault
* Conventional Warfare
* Amphibious Assault
* Guerilla Warfare
* Urban Combat

XI. Interrogation Techniques
* Interrogator Mindset
* Prisoner Management
* Standard Interrogation Techniques
* Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
* Shipboard Interrogation Techniques

XII. Beastiary
* Orcs
* Ogres
* Tauren
* Trolls
* Goblins
* Murlocs
* Naga
* Pandaren

XIII. The Undead
* The Scourge
* The Forsaken
* Knights of the Ebon Blade
* The Undying Marines

XIV. Elves
* Origins
* Night Elves
* Thalassian Elves
* Nightborne Elves

XV. Dwarves & Gnomes
* Origins
* Anvilmar Clan
* Bronzebeard Clan
* Wildhammer Clan
* Dark Iron Clan
* Frostborn Clan
* Gnomes

XVI. Human Kingdoms
* Origins
* Empire of Arathor
* Stromgarde
* Lordaeron
* Dalaran
* Alterac
* Gilneas
* Kul Tiras
* Stormwind

XVII. Epilogue
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XVII. Epilogue

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