A couple of people have asked about my mog, so here it is:


Here are the pieces needed and where to get them. Note that this particular coloration (lighter and with green gem stones) drops in the "Normal" level dungeons, other color variations drop in Heroic and Mythic:

HEADHelm of Abyssal MalevolenceShrine of the StormVol'zith the Whisperer
SHOLDERPauldrons of the Horned HorrorWaycrest ManorGorak'Tul
HANDSRisen Lord's Oversized GauntletsWaycrest ManorLord Waycrest
CHESTBreastplate of the VengefulWaycrest ManorGorak'Tul
WAISTBelt of the Unrelenting GaleShrine of the StormGalecaller Faye/Brother Ironhull
LEGSSharkwater WadersFreeholdTrothak the Shark Puncher
FEETFatty Hooves of Gory ComfortWaycrest ManorRaal the Gluttonous