Name: Dr. Franz Von Fizzlevolt
Title: Gunnery Sergeant
Occupation: Chief Engineer (CHENG)
Affiliation: House Proudmoore, Kul Tiras
Alignment: Lawful Good
BRIEF Description:

Fizzlevolt was born in Gnomeregan where he worked in the family business of building some of the best miniature robotic pets in the entire city - bringing smiles to families in every sector and district. The family business flourished, and the beeping and chirping of their tiny mechanical wonders rang throughout the halls of Gnomeregan.

When the Second War came, Franz was the first in his family to volunteer to help the Dwarves, Humans and Elves who had always been so nice to the Gnomes but were struggling against the giagantic green monsters called the Orcs. Gnomes were not stout or physically imposing like the Dwarves or Humans, nor did they posses the agility of the Elves, but they were marvelous inventors and would go on to build impressive war machines that gave the Alliance an edge in many of the battles.

One such war machine was the Gnomish Submarine - a ship unlike any other as it did not sail upon the waves, but rather beneath them! The gnomes used their small size to their advantage and crewed these tiny vessels - able to avoid detection by staying submerged beneath the water and then launch propeller-powered explosives towards unsuspecting targets. He was appointed as Chief Engineer aboard a Gnomish Submarine that formed part of the Kul Tiras Fifth Fleet during the Second War, and it was during that time that he learned much about naval engineering and weapons development. His work helped to improve the speed and tracking of the submarine's weapons - and has since devoted himself to building and improving naval technologies and weapons of all types.

Though the Second War ended with many naval victories thanks to the great teamwork between the Kul Tiran, Quel'dorei and Gnomish Navies, Franz would not get a happy return home. His entire family was wiped out when Gnomeregan was irradiated by Thermaplugg, so he opted to stay with the only family he had left - the Kul Tirans with whom he had spent all these years at sea, and who had been so hospitable and welcoming to many other Gnomes who chose to settle on the island.