Name: Robert Fitzsimmons
Title: Lieutenant
Occupation: Infiltration Spymaster
Affiliation: Boralus Intelligence, Kul Tiras
Alignment: Lawful Evil

BRIEF Description:
Fitzsimmons was born in Boralus and from as early as he could remember, all he wanted to do was join the Kul Tiras Navy and help hunt down pirates while seeing the furthest reaches of the world.

His dream would come true as he enlisted as soon as he came of age. He was an intelligent young man - with a sharp mind and equally well honed skill with a blade to match. He quickly rose up in the ranks and was honored to be assigned to be first mate aboard the Wave Mistress, one of the lead vessels in the prestigious Third Fleet of Kul Tiras - the same fleet that was under the command of the Lord Admiral's much beloved oldest son Derek.

When the Orcs invaded, it was Derek's Third Fleet that would often be at the vanguard of the assaults - and so it was during the Battle of Crestfall at the peak of the Second War that the entire Kul Tiran Navy - including the Third Fleet, dived into the battle and utterly decimated and out-matched their greenskinned foes.

The Third Fleet, however, would not see the end of the battle. It was taken by surprise and destroyed by the dragon riders of the Dragonmaw Orcs during the battle. Derek Prooudmoore would die in the battle, along with the crews of every ship - with one exception: First Mate Fitzsimmons. He was overcome with grief and guilt, thinking perhaps there was more he could have done to save his ship mates. The loss of his good friends, many of whom he considered family, broke a once strong, proud man. He lived out his last years drinking himself to death as he mourned the death of his crew-mates, many of whom had even been cursed with undeath by the Eye of Paleth, an evil artifact which was being transported aboard one of the ships.

Upon his death, his body was to be transported back home to Kul Tiras for a proper burial, but the ship that was carrying his body was attacked by the Forsaken, and they raised him into Undeath - a fate he had hoped to escape. He feigned gratitude to the Forsaken, and once he had convinced them that he would join them, he snuck off to free the crew of the captured Kul Tiran merchant vessel who had been taken prisoner.

Together with the prisoners, they scuttled the Forsaken ship by detonating the powder magazine with some time delayed thorium charges. Him and the prisoners escaped on row boats, but only a handful of them would make it to shore alive. One of them was a Marine and would help get Fitzsimmons home to Kul Tiras to see if there was any way that he could be helped.

It would be a difficult journey, but the Marine was able to convince one of his commanders that Fitzsimmons could be trusted, and related the story of their harrowing escape from the Forsaken. Fitzsimmons re-affirmed his vows to the Kul Tiras Navy, and swore that he would continue to serve and fight to keep more from suffering the same fate as he - or the same fate as his brothers in the defunct Third Fleet. With a great deal of reluctance, the commanders would allow him to continue serving Kul Tiras, but he could not simply return to Boralus and re-join their ranks. He had to serve in a more discrete capacity - as a spy within Forsaken society, whom the commanders believed were a danger to the world - a powder keg waiting for a spark before they would set the world aflame.

He swore to forever fight the Forsaken so that they do not continue cursing the living and the dead with the same miserable existence he now has to share... the same fate forced upon his old crew mates by the Eye of Paleth and also that of many other unwilling "subjects" of the Banshee Queen. There is no price too high in lives or suffering of Kul Tiras' enemies to see these atrocities be put to an end.

He sometimes tries to sleep, but always has the same recurring nightmare - when he begged adventurers outside the Deepwater Tavern in Menethil Harbor to help him free his crew-mates from their curse of Undeath. The nightmare always ends the same way - failure. He doesn't get any real sleep, but his resolve to destroy the Forsaken and end the Curse of Undeath is renewed.

NOTE: This character is based on the level 30 quest giver in Menethil Harbor with the same name, and is meant to continue the story of First Mate Fitzsimmons.
First Mate Fitzsimmons
First Mate Fitzsimmons is a level 30 human quest giver located outside Deepwater Tavern in Menethil Harbor in the Alliance-aligned zone of the Wetlands. He was once First Mate on the Wave Mistress, a Kul Tiras ship that was destroyed by red dragons during the Second War.