Name: Gurin Hammerstorm
Title: Master Sergeant
Occupation: Senior Drill Instructor
Affiliation: House Proudmoore, Kul Tiras
Alignment: Lawful Good

BRIEF Description:
Gurin Hammerstorm was a master Gryphon Rider from the Wildhammer Clan, wielding the fabled Storm Hammers and providing air support for the Alliance Navy during the Second and Third Wars.

Near the end of the Third War, the Fifth Fleet of Kul Tiras was tasked with finding survivors along the coast of Lordaeron, and it was there that Gurin confronted something he had never seen before - the Frostwyrms of the Scourge. While the Storm Hammers were effective weapons - even against the mighty undead wyrms raised by the Lich King, they were unlike anything he had ever faced before. During one fateful battle near the border between Lordaeron and Quel'thalas, his Gryphon was hit with an icy blast from a Frostwyrm during an aerial engagement, instantly freezing and snapping off one of it's wings. Gurin fell to the ground and succumb to his injuries - but that was not the end of him. He would be raised as a Death Knight - his free will stripped from him as he was forced to commit countless attrocities for the Lich King.

It would be years before he would see his brothers and sisters in arms from the Fifth Fleet again - many of them unsure of what to think of their old friend who had fallen in battle that day along the elven coast. Captain Nearo Shadowbane could sense that though Gurin's ordeal had indeed changed him, he was still the honorable and fearless Wildhammer Dwarf that had saved so many of his Sailors and Marines with his Storm Hammer in years past. The Captain reminded his unit of the Third Tenet of the Marine Code of Honor: No Marine is Left Behind. Dead or Alive, a Marine must be welcomed home.

Gurin now serves as Senior Drill Instructor and makes it his mission to train the Cadets under his charge to meet the most brutal and vile foes with the ferocity and fearlessness that may save them from the fate he has been forced to endure.