Name: Savaraa
Title: Cadet
Occupation: Kul Tiran Rifleman, Gardener
Affiliation: Alliance, Kul Tiras
Alignment: Lawful Good

BRIEF Description:

Kind and loving, Savaraa has never been one to seek battles or glory. The near total destruction of the draenei race on Draenor some 35 years ago has left the young draenei with a distain for violence. After seeing the orcs completely blood drunk and lost to their lust for fighting, to Savaraa, it seemed only destruction and pain can come from violence and battles. Like many draenei, she lost her family, including her parents, to the orcish genocide. Since the integration of the draenei into the Alliance, Savaraa became a citizen of Stormwind. For a while became a gardener for the Stormwind Cathedral. She would tend to the flowers and trees around the Cathedral and aid the many priests and clerics in their day to day routine. To her, seeing life grow and people coming together in the Light under the Cathedral filled her heart with joy. Being surrounded by goodness and laughter allowed her escape the horrors that haunted her people and all life that wished to flourish.

The young draenei did not choose to willingly take up arms against all that would threaten the world. Admittedly she chose to remain a civilian during many of the world’s conflicts. Unlike many, she is quite cowardly and abhors battles; killing even more so. While many brave souls were sent in to battle, she remained in the capital of Stormwind, offering her prayers. It wasn’t until she was forcefully drafted that she joined the fray. After she received a letter stating “by law able bodied citizens of the Alliance are to report to the barracks”, she received her rifle and was instructed to become marksman for the Alliance.

Savaraa had wished to join the clerical order of priestesses who heal and tend to the wounded. Her life has been wrapped in the holiness of the Light. As is true for the draenei, the Light flows within young Savaraa. Unfortunately, she wasn't given a choice to her preference. The quartermasters and officers in the Alliance military had no care to what she desired. After all, she is but another citizen and the need for more men on the battlefield is always great. With seemingly no other option available, she took her rifle and learned how to use it, knowing full well that that will be the instrument to save her life on the battlefield.

After tasting her first experience of bloodshed and death, she wished nothing more than to turn away. The memories of slaughter and genocide filled her with doubt. "You have no place here. Run coward run away," these thoughts flooded her mind. She knew however, under law, she would be branded a traitor and a deserter should she leave. Despite her desire for safety, she has remained a loyal soldier to the Alliance. Win or lose, live or die, Savaraa knows peace can only be restored on Azeroth when the war has come to an end.

Seeing the capabilities of the Alliance ally, Kul Tiras, Savaraa decided to willingly enlist in their marines. The might of the Kul Tiran Fleet has given her renewed faith. Knowing now that war and battle has been intertwined into her life (whether she like it or not), Savaraa made the choice to join the Kul Tiran Marines in an attempt to find her strength, courage, and place among those who have willingly given their all for peace and prosperity. Rifle in hand, she stands ready.