Name: T. Brown
Title: Professor
Occupation: Academic
Affiliation: Kul Tiras, Proudmoore Academy
Alignment: Lawful Good

Professor Brown is an instructor at the Proudmoore Academy. His courses taught include Group Processes in Multicultural Leadership, Kul Tiran Sociopolitical Issues in Multistate Relations, and Modern Leadership Controversies. A noted scribe, his research interests extend beyond leadership theory to educational equality and history. Professor Brown’s published work is limited as his first scholarly piece, Orc Internment Camps: A Reactionary Failure, was not well-received. He fervently champions the cultural capital gained by earning an education at the Proudmoore Academy.

For Professor Brown, the whispers began when the Horde directly brought war and strife to Kul Tiras. He heard murmurs from the earth beneath his boots, comforting tavern fires, still harbor waters, and inland ocean sea breezes. He did not immediately make sense of what he was experiencing as the calm musings grew to a cacophony awaiting response. Then, as certain as a Kul Tiran mastered the sea, Professor Brown felt illuminated by the callings – elemental power swirled in his mind and coursed through his body! He could effectuate change for Kul Tiras by inflicting damage against those who would harm his beloved home. Content with his spiritual communion, he committed to seeking out new compatriots in the fight against the Horde.