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Savaraa's Reconnaissance Report

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NAME: Savaraa


UNIT: 5th Marine Reconnaissance Brigade

THEATER: Eastern Plaguelands, Ghostlands, Eversong Woods, Sunstrider Isle

PERIOD: Late evening close to midnight.


Natural Environment Description:

Eastern Plague lands continues to infest with mindless scourge and other hostile creatures such as vampire bats and large spiders. Thick foliage and trees clotted much of our path upon entering the Ghostlands through Eversong Forest. The dense forest covered much of the sky. An island north of Windrunner Village in Ghostlands has been settled by a few night elf foragers. Recommend use of island for cover and reconnaissance for small scouting parties. Would not recommend cover for larger scale troop battalions. The Great Sea bordered west of Ghostlands and Eversong Forest. Traveling up the coast can provide an alternate route north avoiding the forests. Would not recommend use for larger scale troop battalions. The Great Sea coastline up to Sunstrider Isle contains little to no wildlife threats bar larger crabs. No whirpools, high tides, reefs, or strong currents to report.

Ingress & Egress Assessment:

Recommend route from Eastern Plaguelands to Western Ghostlands shoreline to Sunstrider Isle for scouts and light infantry only. Do not recommend using route for heavy infantry, horses, or small boating vessels. The coastline of The Great Sea offers little protection and lacks proper concealment. Recommend sending a scouting party to secure a better alternative route for travel north of Eastern Plaguelands.

Cover & Concealment Assessment:

The thick foliage in Ghostlands can provide sufficient cover for infantry and horses. Recommend straying east of The Great Sea. Warning: Coastline provides little to no concealment. In event of ambush and siege, recommend retreating to island north of Windrunner Village. Warning: Island should not used as a means of garrisoning troops in Ghostlands. Island can provide small cover. Natural water borders can be used to fend off any imminent ambush.


Enemy Positions:

Undead can be found all over the Ghostlands and Eastern Plaguelands. Many blood elf buildings and watch towers dot the Sunstrider Isle. Numerous gargoyles spotted inside Windrunner Village. Recommend avoiding village at all costs. No strategic value found within village. Only one bridge connects to Sunstrider Isle. Warning: bridge fortifications may be well garrisoned. Recommend heavy infantry or siege weapons. Only other entrance into Sunstrider Isle would be to scale The Great Sea Coastline. Can only recommend scouts and light infantry for this route.

Enemy Patrols & Troop Strength:

Zero Horde presence detected along The Great Sea Coastline. Unknown military strength garrisoned at Sunstrider Isle bridge leading into Eversong Woods. No patrols or outposts spotted.

Enemy Commanders:

Commander stationed at Falthrien Academy: Felendren the Banished. Enemy commander appeared to be under the influence of mana fluxes. Felendren failed to notice Kul Tiran Marine presence. Enemy commander status: Deceased. No external distortion among blood elf populace noticed.

Reinforcement Points:

No enemy reinforcements located.

Enemy Contact:

No enemy contact. The death of Felendren the Banished occurred with Cadet Jordrend's assassination of the target. Body of Felendren was cast off the Falthrien Academy and into the water.


Upon completion of task, ultimately do not recommend using route for means of combat or travelling. Use of coastline means forgoing use of forest cover and concealment. The Ghostlands forests may render ship cannon fire insufficient and inaccurate. Recommend sending a scouting party to find alternate routes in central or eastern Ghostlands. Do not recommend pushing past Ghostlands with units other than scouts. Fortification of Eversong Woods: unknown. Must assume the blood elf defenses are potent and numerous. No lush materials noticed along The Great Sea coastline. Overall: route provides little to no cover or easy passage for sieging outposts, villages, or cities of interest north of Eastern Plaguelands.

-Cadet Savaraa
Posted Mar 16, 19 · OP · Last edited Mar 16, 19
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