Realm Transfer to Emerald Dream

By Nearo a - Posted Aug 12, 17

Kul Tiras Marines is leaving Maelstrom and relocating to Emerald Dream. It was a long and difficult decision as we have long seen Maelstrom as our home, ever since a bunch of guilds re-rolled here from Bleeding Hollow back in Vanilla. 

As we shift over to ED, we are also altering our guild concept into a two-faction guild, splitting into Alpha Company (Alliance) and Bravo Company (Horde), incorporating Thalassian spies and Undead Marines who have rejected the curse forced upon them by the Lich King and Sylvannas Windrunner. We willl be working to undermine the efforts of the Banshee Queen from within, and take the fight to nefarious elements within the Alliance whenever deemed necessary. This is something I would've liked to try on Maelstrom/Lightninghoof/VentureCo, but the lack of RP guilds on the Alliance side makes this exceedingly difficult to pull off. 

We will always remember Maelstrom with fondness and wish everyone on Lightninghoof/Maelstrom/VentureCo the best of luck into the future.

For Kul Tiras!

Cpt. Nearo Shadowsbane
(Formerly) Commodore, Fifth Fleet of Kul Tiras
(Currently) CO, 5th Marine Recoinnassance Brigade
Kul Tiras Marines