Realm transfer complete

By Nearo a - Posted Sep 14, 17

Good news! The realm transfer from Maelstrom to Emerald Dream is now complete. We have retained the name Kul Tiras Marines and all our guild perks, achievements and reputation. Here's a quick Q&A on what you need to know:

1. I logged in on one of my Maelstrom characters and I'm still in the guild. I thought the guild transferred over?

Answer: The guild transfer automatically leaves a mirror of the guild on Maelstrom, but you'll notice that you have lost all your guild perks and all the guild achievements are gone. That stuff is now on our guild on Emerald Dream. Don't resign from the guild though, because when you transfer over it'll make things easier for you as long as you don't resign from the guild. Jerec is holding the Maelstrom guild, and he will be transferring the charter to a different character before he transfers his character over to Emerald Dream.

2. So how do I go about transferring my characters over?

Answer: You will need to purchase a realm transfer from the store. You can either go to and make your purchase there, or you can do it from the character selection screen (that little red and gold icon on the lower left that says Shop).

3. Anything I should do before I transfer over?

Answer: Sort of. Do not resign from the guild before you transfer over. You will automatically be added to the guild on Emerald Dream when your realm transfer is finalized. If you don't resign from the guild, you'll automatically be added to the guild when your transfer is finalized and you'll retain your guild reputation.

4. I already have a character on Emerald Dream under "Kul Tiras Marine". What should I do?

Answer: Resign from the guild and contact Nearo as soon as you see him in-game. We will get everyone we can moved over, then transfer "Kul Tiras Marine" over to Horde side.

5. I want to make a character for our Horde chapter. How do I do that?

Answer: We are going to transfer our guild charter "Kul Tiras Marine" to Horde in the next few days. Go ahead and make your character per the guidelines in the About section. If you have any questions just post on the forums or message me directly.

If I missed anything post it on the forums or message me on Discord. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Emerald Dream!