Boot Camp Changes & Schedule

By Nearo a - Posted May 7, 18

Boot Camp curriculum has been condensed to place a stronger emphasis on combat and to reduce the number of bootcamp exercises. There are now 6 boot camp courses instead of 10.

They are as follows:

Fundamentals: Kul Tiras Marine Ethos & History
Fundamentals: Shipboard Combat, Operations & Technology
War Sciences: Beastiary & Zoology of Horde Species
War Sciences: Intelligence Gathering
Qualification Trial: Ground Combat Operations
Qualification Trial: Surveille, Penetrate, Evade, Assault, Rendezvous (SPEAR)

The Boot Camp Schedule is as follows: 3 bootcamps a week, with two mid-week and one on the weekends, days will alternate on a weekly basis.

One week we will do MW, the next week we will do TTh. This is to adjust for differnt schedules with different people. We'll also have a Saturday or Sunday bootcamp. If a MTWTh bootcamp is cancelled because I won't be around to host ot, I'll move that bootcamp day to Friday.

The schedule will be updated weekly and also announced in the Alpha Company Guild Message of the Day.

For this week, Boot Camps are as follows:

Monday (Today), 9PM Server Time (10PM EST)
Wednsday, 9PM Server Time (10PM EST)

See you all there!