Operation Greater Good

By Nearo a - Posted Dec 3, 18

Several months after the Battle of Olsen’s Farthing

The Marines had suffered a terrible set-back after the loss at Olsen’s Farthing against the vile Forsaken organization known as the Shadows of Lordaeron. Reconnaissance units had successfully identified and tracked a dangerous Apothecary by the name of Mortignis, who had taken up residence in the area around Olsen’s Farthing. Though his laboratory had been ransacked for information on the Blight, the main objective had been the capture of the Apothecary himself.

The attempt to capture the Apothecary had been an unmitigated disaster.

The undead warlock arrived with a cadre of bodyguards after they had discovered the gnome agent Fizzleplugg - an experienced scout who had been tracking the apothecary. The Undead had then proceeded to Olsen’s Farthing, where they overwhelmed the Marine scouts who had been sent to retrieve information from the laboratory.

With Mortignis’ whereabouts now unknown, and the upheaval which gripped Kul Tiras after the Battle of Lordaeron, the trail had gone cold.

Operation Greater Good was dead in the water.

Boralus, weeks after Katherine Proudmoore abdicated the position of Lord Admiral to her daughter Jaina.

“Come in, Sergeant. Sit.” ordered Nearo, pointing to the chair across the table.


The green-haired gnome stopped to salute, and then proceeded to walk into a small office overlooking Tiragarde Sound. The song of seagulls and the smell of the ocean made it’s way through the small porthole facing the water. In one bound, the gnome found his way onto the chair across from his Captain, who turned to face the gnome with a piercing gaze as he began to address his Chief Engineer.

“We have been authorized to proceed with the next phase of Operation Greater Good. I trust you still have the canister of BGT-106?”

“Sir? Y-y-yes! Yes, we still have it! It’s back at the lab… but all of our scans on the canister were unable to determine the nature of it’s contents or whether it’d be safe to break the seal.”

“Sergeant, if that thing is what we think it is, the last thing we need is an explosion of Blight in the middle of Boralus.”

“Sir, No Sir! We can begin designs on a containment chamber. I have been studying some of the containment technology used by the Titan Keepers in Uldir… we may be able to build something similar, but on a much smaller scale of course!”

“I read your report on Uldir. Didn’t your report include an evaluation stating that their containment technology had failed?”

“It did! But that was over the course of thousands of years, sir! With proper upkeep and additional safeguards, we can most certainly contain a localized explosive no matter the contents!”

“We have no room for error here, Sergeant. Do you understand? We can’t afford another setback.”

“No, sir!” replied the gnome, energetically shaking his head, the antenna on his cybernetic shades wagging.

Nearo stood up and walked over to the port hole. The sounds of Tiragarde Sound grew a bit louder to his ear as he leaned up to the bulkhead.

“I also want you to aquire some of the components listed in Mortignis’ notes. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what you need.”

“Yes, sir!”, the gnome’s voice grew more excited.

The gnome had been looking forward to getting back into the lab and continuing his research, but it had been suspended in order to meet the more immediate threats facing Kul Tiras.

“And Fizzlevolt… we have a couple of new agents in Bravo Company. They’ll be assisting with this effort. They’ll be meeting with you tomorrow at your workshop. Let them know what you need.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Dismissed… keep me informed.”

The two saluted one-another and the gnome turned aboutface, exiting the office at a brisk pace as the Captain continued to study the Boralus skyline.