Guild Information & Roster updated

By Nearo a - Posted Feb 25, 19

Some sections in the Guild Information have been re-arranged to try and improve the narrative flow from one section to the next and to break up the "wall of text" character of many of the sections.

The Roster has also been updated with many of the character bios that have been submitted. A big thanks to the following people for submitting profiles for their characters and helpint to flesh out that section, this kind of thing is a great way to get into your character's story and share it with others:

Jerec (Bufoard T. Pussy)

Brown (Professor Brown)

Jordrend Falksteed


I also submitted the bios for a bunch of my characters and more to come! If you've got a character and would like to write up a backstory for them, but aren't sure about certain elements of the lore, feel free to ask questions in the Kul Tiras marines Discord #lore channel or even over in the ED Alliance RP Discord #lorediscussions channel!