A handful of Arcane Vault archives detailing some of the Fifth Fleet's exploits have been recovered from the wreckage of the KTS Twinkling Star. These archives date back to the initial deployment of the Fifth Fleet to the Eastern Kingdoms immediately following the death of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore.

Archives include a recording of an assault on various enemy strongholds, including Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands, the Scarlet Monastery, the Molten Core, among others.

The Siege of Hammerfall

The Might of the Marines

Images from the Field

- GySgt Franz Von Fizzlevolt, CHENG

P.A.N.T.S. coming to Boralus!

Nearo a posted Oct 10, 18


The Proudmoore Academy, in collaboration with the Marine Corps of Engineers, is delighted and excited to announce the Proudmoore Academy Naval Technology Seminar (P.A.N.T.S.)! 

P.A.N.T.S. seeks to educate mainlanders and Kul Tirans alike on the wonders of Kul Tiran shipbuilding and shipboard operations. Curated by Dr. Franz Von Fizzlevolt, the seminar will include a tour of an impressive Kul Tiran Battleship, whereby attendees will learn how crew and ship all come together in perfect harmony for the destruction of Pirate, Horde, Zandalari naval forces!

This seminar is free to the public - donations are welcome and may be made out to the Proudmoore Academy or Marine Corps of Engineers. Drinks and food will be served in the mess deck prior to the tour commencing.

Stay tuned for dates and times!

The Library entry for the Third Fleet has been updated.

A significant portion of the Lore related to the Third Fleet has been retconned with far-reaching implications. Reader beware that the link below will have some spoilers, but it's lore that is quite important to the direction BFA is heading as it pertains to our RP.

Those of you wanting to explore this lore for yourselves and discover it through your own gameplay will need to play through the Horde War Campaign on your Horde characters. This stuff isn't available to Alliance characters.

Those not wanting to wait until you play through the Horde War Campaign, feel free to read the entry.

Library Link - the Third Fleet of Kul Tiras

The Burning of Teldrassil

Nearo a posted Aug 7, 18

... immediately following the evacuation of Teldrassil...

Captain Nearo Shadowbane stood in front of his Marines, all covered in soot having just arrived from the portal linking the Temple of Elune to Stormwind Keep. They had aided the Night Elves and Gilneans evacuate as many as possible from Teldrassil... but it was not enough. More were pouring into Stormwind Keep from the portal - some barely clinging to life.

A sickening mixture of anger and disgust wore heavily on the Captain as he turned to address his Marines.

"These fools should have listened to Admiral Proudmoore!" as he pointed towards the panicked Alliance leaders standing on the other side of the throne room, discussing what to do next.

"They said he was stuck in the past, yet the Horde has proven time and time again that the opposite was true - he was a man of Vision." Nearo continued, the anger in his voice sharpening with every word. "He knew what a future alongside the Horde looked like! Take a look at it now, Marines!" he shouted, pointing at the flood of injured and burned refugees pouring through the portal.

He continued, his voice lowering with a simmering intensity. "A future alongside the Horde didn't mean peace. It didn't mean shared prosperity. It meant the destruction of our homes, the ruination of entire kingoms and the genocide of the peoples who were already here when those greenskinned savages were scratching around in caves on Draenor.... killing one-another before committing genocide against Draenei.... and ultimately destroying their own world."

Behind him, a small crowd had begun to gather... they were listening intently. Nearo could see heads nodding in agreement as he continued. The captain turned to address them as well, his Marines still standing at attention.

"Now they are here, destroying ours! These animals will never change - and we must never stop fighting them until every single last one of them is dead!!!"

The small soot-covered crowd errupted in rabid cheers. They were ready for war. They were finally ready to do what must be done.

The Kul Tiras Marines Field Manual has been updated to include the section on Wilderness Survival.

Sub-sections include Mindset, Survival Priorities and Naturalist Skills & Knowledge.

Library Link - Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual: Wilderness Survival