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Kul Tiras Marines  -  World of Warcraft RP-PvP Guild on the Emerald Dream-US server
Kul Tiras Marines
Emerald Dream (US) - 82 users

Kul Tiras Marines is a cross-faction Alliance-based RP-PvP guild on the Emerald Dream-US server. We roleplay the military ground force of the nation of Kul Tiras, focused on deep recoinnassance, unconventional warfare, sabotage, intelligence gathering and targetted assassination.

Although the guild is Alliance-based, it maintains a guild charter on both the Alliance and Horde side. The 5th Marine Reconnaissance Brigade is split into two companies: Alpha Company (Alliance-side), and Bravo Company (Horde-side). In an RP sense, both companies are part of the same unit, but they have slightly different missions.

Alpha CompanyAlpha Company
Alpha Company consists primarilly of Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes. Alpha Company is a more traditional military unit, but with a reconnaissance mission in mind.

Bravo CompanyBravo Company
Bravo Company consists of High Elves(Thalassians) infiltrating the Horde as Blood Elves, and Undead yet still loyal Marines who have rejected the "gift"(i.e. curse) forced upon them by the Ligh King and Sylvannas Windrunner. These are the Undying Marines, continuing to fight the enemies of Kul Tiras and humanity even after death. The tenet "No Marine is Left Behind" is demonstrated most strongly here, as we do not reject those who have been afflicted with the curse of undeath so long as they continue their service with honor. Bravo Company's primary mission is undercover, primarilly focusing on espionage and sabotage against the Horde leadership. Bravo Company works to undermine their military and political efforts, and essentially has no rules to follow other than serving the interests of Kul Tiras.

The ability to engage enemies on both sides of the Alliance/Horde divide gives our members a way of fulfilling our role as a semi-autonomous military force from the overall Alliance structure - as our primary loyalties are primarilly with Kul Tiras, not Stormwind. We find that some member nations of the Alliance are often subservient to Stormwind and their questionable political machinations. This means we will attack and hunt down individuals or guilds within the Alliance whom we consider to be detrimental to the ultimate goals of our mission.